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About Pebbles & Silver

My eyes have been fixed to the ground since I was a child. Shells, rocks, and other treasures that most others pass by. The reason I started creating jewelry from my adventures is because sometimes the only thing better than finding a special rock is being able to carry it with me everywhere. Sharing them with others is the next best thing.

Most weekends you can find me rockhounding with my husband, two daughters (3 years and 9 months) and dog, Pants. It's truly a family affair.

All rocks are hand-picked by myself or family on one of our various hunts in Minnesota or Michigan. Most are found on the shores of Lake Superior. The stones are either wave tumbled or minimally polished at my home.

You'll find a variety here. We know the names of most but many others are selected for their quirkiness. I try to provide education on the location and what type of stone it is if it's known to me.

Metals are 925 sterling silver or gold filled. Please keep in mind that while these stones are hearty, due care is needed to avoid breakage or scratching. Beach glass is less tolerant and should be worn with additional care. For sustainability reasons, I use recycled fine metals in most of my work.

I'm a reiki II practitioner and like to channel energy for health, happiness, or an intention of your choosing into the piece before it gets to you. Rocks already carry alot of beneficial properties and I find reiki elevates them to the next level. The wearer gets the benefits of both when they have it on. Please reach out for specific requests. Some ideas might include: manifesting a goal, protection, physical or mental health or healing etc. 🌿🫶

I get lost in their colors, curvature, and illusiveness. Each one filled with magic. Tiny story-filled vessels and a connection to the past. I hope you enjoy these earthly creations. Handcrafted and truly unique by nature.