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Gift Certificate Info and Instructions

To purchase:

1) You can purchase a certificate through my website/checkout.

2) Currently, I am using a manual system for redeeming gift certificates (see below).

3) Include in the custom box at checkout: Your name, recipient’s name, who you want it emailed to (you can provide your email and forward it later).

4) Gift certificates will be sent out within 48 hours after purchase.

To redeem:

1) Unlike a regular order, You cannot redeem a gift card through the shopping cart.

2) Please use the contact form on my website or email (sayhey@pebbles& to let me know which item(s) you’d like (ex. “Purple Petals Necklace).

3) The full balance on the certificate will be applied towards the order unless specified otherwise.

4) If there’s a balance remaining after your order, I will issue you another certificate with the amount.

5) If your purchase exceeds the certificate amount, I will send you a link for any additional payment.